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01. Waltz of Chihiro
02. Ayano's Theory of Happiness
03. Just Be Friends
04. Pallet Town
05. Ocarina of Time Medley
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anonniemouse sent: Multiples of three, for the Hannibal meme


3: Who’s your favorite supporting character?

    That’s a good question…I would say that I like Jack, but at the same time he’s managed to stress me out and piss me off with his treatment of Will;; My favorite supporting character would have to be Alana Bloom or Bedelia Du Maurier. They’re strong in their own special ways and they make up some of the most important parts of the story.

6: What’s the best flower crown edit that you’ve seen and who made it?


9: Do you think Bedelia du Maurier knows?

    To be honest, I think it depends on what you mean by know. She knows Hannibal is dangerous. She knows she has to be careful where she treads. If by the cannibalism thing, I think she MIGHT know. For example, in the finale’s end when she’s dining with Hannibal she has an almost knowing look when she eats the “veal.” She knows more than what she says out loud.

12: Do you have a favorite RP blog related to the show?

     I’m very picky about RPers when it comes to fandoms I’m in, but afteryourdeathormine is literally one of my favorite blogs of all time. They capture Hannibal SO accurately.

15: Have you read the books or seen any of the movies?

      I’ve seen parts of Silence of the Lambs and I just recently watched Hannibal Rising. I’m currently on chapter 6 of Red Dragon.

18: Which serial killer do you find most terrifying (other than Hanibal)?

      Well, I’m not sure if Georgia would count as a serial killer (I guess she is??) but I absolutely HATE HOME INVASION TYPES OF STORY PLOTS I CAN’T TAKE THEM

21: Have you ever considered eating someone who was rude to you?

      I joke about it, but I don’t see it in the same light as Hannibal.

24: If you saw the Ravenstag/Wendigo, what would you do?


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